Makunduchi (G43c)

Makunduchi (G43c)

The Makunduchi language, generally categorised as a costal dialect of Swahili, is primarily spoken in the southeast part of Unguja, the largest island of the Zanzibar archipelago in Tanzania. This database includes recordings of (Standard) Swahili as well for comparison. Five repetitions of 20 disyllabic and 20 trisyllabic nouns (600 tokens = 40 items * 5 reps * 3 speakers) are available in this archive.

Citation of the metadata and transcriptions

FURUMOTO, Makoto, Yasunori TAKAHASHI, Sigombe Haji CHOKO, Zainabu Khatib BONDE, Ahmed KHAMIS, Sayaka MANABE, Chrisanne TUAÑO, Kiara JOHNSON, Seunghun J. LEE (2022) Makunduchi (G43c) 2016 (ICULD-0047). ICU Working Papers in Linguistics 23. pp 1-10.

This database contains recordings of a list of words and sentences in Makunduchi.

  • All files are annotated at the sentence level.
  • All samples below are for illustrative purposes.
  • For citing the archival materials, use citation format above.
  • Original recordings that are available upon request are in 16bit and 44.1KHz.
ICULD ID Categories Size Duration (approximate) Description Last modified
0047 Makunduchi (G43c) 2016 292.7 MB 10.95 mins Audio 2023.03.31
Makunduchi (G43c) 2016 [Download] 254.3 MB 600 tokens Plots in png 2023.03.31