Swahili (G42d)

Swahili (G42d)

Swahili is a Bantu language widely spoken as a lingua franca in East Africa. It is the national language of the United Republic of Tanzania spoken by 15 million speakers as L1 (Ethnologue, Eberhard et al. 2021). The speech in this archive is based on the Unguja Swahili (G42d) variety spoken in Zanzibar island.

スワヒリ語は,東アフリカの多くの国で話されるリングア・フランカです.この言語を国語とする国の一つであるタンザニアでは,1500万人が第一言語としてこの言語を話します (Ethnologue, Eberhard et al. 2021).このアーカイブでは,ザンジバル島で話されるウングージャ方言 (G42d) を収録しています.


MIYAZAKI, Kumiko, KAMANO, Shigeto, ABE, Yuko, LEE, Seunghun J. (2022) Swahili (G42): 2021 Data (ICULD-0045). In: Kiara Johnson, Chrisanne Tuaño, Sayaka Manabe (eds.) ICU Working Papers in Linguistics 21: ICU Language Database Series 7. pp 407-482. [LINK, http://doi.org/10.34577/00005143]

This database contains recordings of a list of sentences in Swahili.

  • All files are annotated at the word level.
  • All samples below are for illustrative purposes.
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  • Original recordings that are available upon request are in 16bit and 44.1KHz. [Audio Request Form]
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